Privacy Policy of the application Light Party


By using Light Party, you hereby consent to this Privacy Policy.

Changes to this Privacy Policy

This privacy policy may be updated from time to time. Thus, you are advised to review this page periodically for any changes. You will be notified of any changes at least 24 hours before they take effect by a pop up in the application itself if you are connected the internet when the application starts.

This policy is effective as of Septemper 5, 2020.

Information that is collected

Light Party does not collect any sort of personal data with which you could be identified.

The application collects the following information anonymized when telemetry is enabled:

You are able to deactivate the collection of your data in the above-named categories by disabling telemetry in the options of the application.

When you start the application for the first time and you agree to the license and Privacy Policy a server is informed that you have agreed to those. The server will keep an anonymized record of this process and saves the approximate period. This process cannot be deactivated.

How your information is used

The collected information is used to improve the application. For example, knowing how many people use Light Party in a country may be used to evaluate translations in other languages.

Third Party Privacy Policies

In order to obtain the name of country, Light Party uses a service from Cloudflare.

Therefore, I advice you to read the Privacy Policy of Cloudflare, too.

Except for Cloudflare, the application does not share any collected data with third parties.

The application also does not sell your data to third parties.

Children's Privacy

Light Party does not knowingly collect any personal identifiable information from children under the age of 13.